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5 May 2020 place your img

Leaders win trust and build people.

"Do whatever it takes to get the JOB done and I am with all of you"
"Let me know if you guys need anything to get this thing completed"
"I promise performance bonus if the assigned task gets completed within the deadline, Please treat this very urgent"
How much these statements inspire and power you and the whole team to get the task finished within assigned deadline!
After the task gets completed within deadline.
"When did I promise you extra incentive to complete the task within the deadline?" "It's your JOB and you didn't do anything extra"
What if the BOSS does not stand to his words, TRUST is lost.
"Well done! I approve performance bonus and it will reflect in your next month's salary"
But what If the BOSS stand by their words and will do anything for it.
This is what Leadership by Example is all about.
It creates trust, values, integrity and courage in leadership style.
Real Leader leads by their promises, integrity, commitments and value.
In return they earn trust, faith and confidence of their team.
"A leader lead by example not by force." -Sun Tzu
Leaders instill trust and build confidence within their people.

"You dont build a business.
You build people and then people build the business." -Zig Ziglar

How leadership by example brings win-win situation anywhere and anytime:
1. Builds strong employer-employee relationship
2. Creates trust in employees
3. Helps delegate authority within others
4. Improves commitment and passion
5. Honesty and Integrity are the key
6. Increases accountability
7. Improves communication within all channels
8. Inspiring employees to do even the most difficult of things
9. Most importantly show humanity and heart

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